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Redefining the in-vehicle
digital experience

Cloud-based infotainment services through a single personalized, voice-first interface

What We Do

CloudCar’s white-label platform for the automotive industry provides global access to cloud-based infotainment services, all through a single, voice-first interface. With our service integration platform, automakers take full control of the digital ecosystem to deliver a contextualized and personalized user experience in their cockpit of the future.

Robust service
integration platform

Our automotive-grade cloud platform is designed to meet the needs of today’s connected vehicle infotainment and future mobility services.

Worldwide digital ecosystem

Because the needs of drivers vary greatly by region, we work globally to ensure content and services are readily available in the vehicle.

Contextualized, personalized services

Our artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies predict driver behaviors based on a rich user profile and contextual data of the vehicle.

Why Us

in control

CloudCar’s platform is designed and built for automotive manufacturers. OEMs can retain customer relationships via our white-label platform and capitalize on monetization opportunities by staying in control of the digital ecosystem and vehicle usage data.

One platform,
global reach

We are constantly working both commercially and technically to grow our worldwide partners and integrate their content into our platform. CloudCar’s solution enables OEMs to develop a single head-unit architecture, but always have regionally relevant services available. 


We have had automotive-grade products in the market since 2015 and are now embedded in vehicles across 42 countries. CloudCar’s SaaS architecture allows for integration of content and services quickly and cost effectively, offering out-of-the-box solutions to automotive OEMs.

Solution Benefits

Content above apps

Launching individual apps embedded in the infotainment system’s sub-menus can be complicating and unsafe while driving. That’s why we are focused on integrating content and services directly and make them readily available for usage. Our approach lets OEMs deeply integrate content in the native in-vehicle experience.


We believe that the arrival of voice assistants in cars will create a new ecosystem of “skills” rather than “apps.” CloudCar’s platform is optimized for such a “voice-first” user experience, which is ideal for drivers. By arbitrating the driver’s intent to the relevant service, tasks like playing media, receive alerts or even closing the garage door can seamlessly be accomplished through our platform.

Interchangeable services

CloudCar offers a rich mix of content and services through a single interface, decoupled from the HMI. This abstraction layer provides the utmost flexibility in HMI design and allows services to be added, removed or exchanged without having to update the HMI.

Flexible technology

CloudCar’s solution is independent from components like the ASR, NLU, navigation engine and media player, giving the OEM complete control of the head-unit architecture. We are  already compatible with a wide range of hardware and software configurations.