A look back at CES 2019

We returned to Las Vegas to showcase CloudCar’s latest technology and solutions at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019. While the show is largely known for innovations and the current trends, it’s also a valuable place to build business relationships. It’s an opportunity to network, share information and learn more about the people and companies you meet with.

Each day at CES was a jam-packed schedule of private meetings with top automotive OEMs, Tier-1 suppliers and content providers from all over the world. The time we spent with our guests was extremely worthwhile, especially when you finally meet the people you’ve exchanged emails or have been on calls with. It’s always delightful to match a name with a face! Our teams from Silicon Valley, Europe and China made several new business connections. We also reunited with our existing contacts to catch up and discuss the latest topics in the automotive industry. From introductions to reunions, CES is a place to engage and explore new business opportunities.

Deep discussions and demonstrations

This year, we demonstrated our in-vehicle personalization services. For CloudCar to deliver a personalized experience on the road, our team of engineers analyzes the driver’s behavior and usage across many content providers and services. Based on the driver’s profile, we are able to make recommendations for desired content, creating an attractive ride on the road. During the demonstration, attendees explored several of our context aware recommendations which are based on a driver’s history, preferences, the day, time and route predictions. In addition to our machine learning features, we presented our baseline CloudCar platform like searching and browsing places and media content across numerous providers. We also covered smart home command and control and regional configuration for a wide range of content providers.

One of the OEM challenges discussed this year was how their customers want to easily bring their digital life outside the vehicle into their car by accessing their desired content without having an unreliable connection between their vehicle and mobile phone. For CloudCar, this is not new to us. We hear this often and have the solution. Our platform allows a user’s profile to be maintained in the cloud, enabling a seamless experience across vehicles, applications and even extend into future shared mobility services. This feature offers an enriched and much more tailored experience where the driver can share their car and keep their preferences.

Another common theme from this year is how drivers expect to interact with their vehicle like they do with their smart home device. We presented our platform’s voice-first capabilities and demonstrated our digital assistant integrations like service arbitration between Alexa, Google Home and various other CloudCar services.

Benefit your business

CES 2019 gave us the opportunity to truly engage with key companies who, like us, are also evolving with the fast-changing automotive industry.

If you missed CloudCar at CES 2019 and would like to learn more about the infotainment of the future, contact us to schedule a meeting!