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Technology in the market is changing our driving behaviors. Drivers want to interact with their vehicle by talking to their car, have it predict their needs, be more productive and make their life easier on the road.

CloudCar is developing the future of connected car technology. Our team is focusing on “what’s next” and considering how the driver’s experience will evolve in the future. We use cloud-based technology and machine learning to create an evergreen and intuitive experience for connected-onboard infotainment solutions for the vehicle. CloudCar works with leading automotive OEMs providing cutting edge technology for their consumers while maintaining their brand identity and enhancing the customer’s driving experience.

We are headquartered in Santa Clara, California and have expanded our office in Europe and China.


CloudCar is shaping the future and driving innovation to create intuitive connected car solutions for automotive manufacturers. Our journey began in 2011 when we were founded by two longtime Silicon Valley entrepreneurs who both had the drive for technology innovation. They came up with a strong plan to kickstart the company and over time, it has evolved. We are a dedicated diverse group of professionals who are always thinking ahead by bringing the value of our cloud-based content into the infotainment system and world-class service to our customers.



Drive your success with us!

At CloudCar, we believe our technology can break the cycle of picking up your phone while driving and changing the experience on the road.

Our secret sauce is our passionate team of brilliant professionals such as our engineers, product managers, data scientists and designers who are committed to delivering valuable products for our customers. We embrace diversity, encourage creativity, enjoy the process of solving problems and adding value to our customers and partners.

Employee benefits

We believe providing great benefits is essential in the health and well-being of our employees. A big part of that is ensuring our employees don’t have to worry about their benefits. We offer comprehensive medical and dental, an on-site gym, basketball court, free lunch delivery, food truck options, outdoor seating, bike rentals and storage, car oil-change and car wash services, electric-vehicle charging stations and more!


There are currently no vacancies.