My Talk on Starting Up In a Big Data World at CloudCar

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CloudCar’s Senior Product Manager Seema Khandkar was among the thought leaders who spoke at the annual Global Big Data Conference in Santa Clara, California. Seema blogs about CloudCar’s journey establishing an analytics and machine learning platform and our three key takeaways.

I recently had the pleasure of speaking […]

The Power of Voice

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Voice is a natural way to interact and communicate to people and things. Communicating with technological devices by voice is becoming more powerful and widely used. We use our voice on our smartphone, smart home device and in the vehicle. On July 25, CloudCar’s Vice President of Products Letha McLaren joined a panel of experts giving […]

“Voice As a Design Element” for in-vehicle connected head units

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For the second consecutive year, CloudCar participated at the annual Connect Car California conference, an event hosted by Automotive Megatrends on April 26 in Santa Clara, California. This year, our Director of Product, Ahmer Khan, gave a talk during the afternoon UX session.

“How many of you hop in your car and still use your phone?” […]

CloudCar At Global IoT Conference: Personalizing Your Driving Experience

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On April 2, CloudCar’s Vice President of Products Letha McLaren spoke on “Personalizing the In-Vehicle Experience” at the annual Global IoT Conference in Santa Clara, Calif.

The Global IoT Conference is a three-day event showcasing the rapidly growing Internet of Things (IoT) market and the vast opportunities it has for various technologies and organizations, explored by […]

Meet Letha McLaren, CloudCar’s VP of Products

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Letha McLaren recently joined CloudCar’s executive team. We sat with Letha and asked her a few questions about her leadership role as CloudCar’s Vice President of Products.

As the new VP of Products at CloudCar, what do you hope to accomplish?
CloudCar has already accomplished some amazing things with a great team. I plan to build on […]

Designing Beyond Mobile and Desktop #omsSF

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CloudCar’s UX Designer, Monica Farrar is speaking this week at the Open Mobile Summit. She will be sharing her expertise on what it means to design for technology beyond your phone, your laptop, your tv… Consider the screen in a moving vehicle. There lies new responsibilities and focus on strategic design. Farrar speaks on November […]

Chat with Avi Baytel, CloudCar’s Customer Support Manager

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Hi Avi, thanks for chatting with me this morning. Remind me, what’s your role at CloudCar?

I am the customer support manager at CloudCar. I am responsible for the company’s Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C) customer support operation and I had the opportunity to build this organization at CloudCar from the ground up.

That’s exciting. […]