CloudCar’s Strategic Differentiator: Connect to Content Not Apps

This year at CES, autonomous cars stole the show, but left auto manufacturers with limited options to take their vehicles into the next technological generation. In developing the connected car, auto OEMs seem to be left with two options. They can either connect to the phone and use the phone while driving or connect with the content in your phone and forget the phone all together. “We want access to the same type of information but we want it in an environment that is safe,” says Ahmer Khan, Director of Product at CloudCar. “Leading auto OEMs are looking into the best way to do this, but there are very few success stories in the market today,” Khan explains, “mostly because they have not been able to switch from the app centered approach that the smartphones have had for the past decade.”

While some auto OEMS are utilizing services like CarPlay and Android Auto, the team at CloudCar does not believe the app centered model is the best approach for drivers. “The idea of hunting, searching, opening/closing apps does not make sense for a driver,” says Khan, “we developed our own smart infotainment system changing the paradigm to tackle this problem.”

CloudCar’s platform promotes services and content and uses voice request for all media. The team works intimately with the manufacturer to design driver-centric user interfaces within the vehicle. Khan describes the differentiator is the longer term goal of turning your car into your personal assistant. “What we do in our cars is very telling. We have daily routines, behaviors, and preferences. With machine learning, the more you use [the system] the more intuitive it becomes, eventually anticipating your needs making every day easier and ideally, safer.”

On the heels of last month’s news of another large investment by auto giant, JLR, it seems CloudCar is turning the anti-app, driver-centric concept into reality.


CloudCar™ provides the most powerful platform for building next generation connected vehicle experiences. Our cloud based services and content is constantly evolving, ensuring an ever-green experience to your customers. The CloudCar™ platform is distinct in that it offers the OEM: a driver-centric intuitive experience, control of data, rapid deployment of services, and expansion to new geographic regions without requiring firmware updates. CloudCar™ is headquartered in Palo Alto, CA. For more information go to

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