Designing Beyond Mobile and Desktop #omsSF

CloudCar’s UX Designer, Monica Farrar is speaking this week at the Open Mobile Summit. She will be sharing her expertise on what it means to design for technology beyond your phone, your laptop, your tv… Consider the screen in a moving vehicle. There lies new responsibilities and focus on strategic design. Farrar speaks on November 30th in San Francisco. Tweet her @farrar_miller

Developing a Cross Platform Strategy: Designing Beyond Mobile and Desktop

There’s been an explosion in the number of screen-oriented devices being used by consumers. Phones, tables, desktops, connected TVs, home hubs, and cars.

• In the face of this device deluge, where should brands draw the line when it comes to platform design? • What are some of the best methods currently being used in the design process to streamline cross platform functionality?

• Getting to grips with delivering a seamless device transition is a top priority for product developers and UX designers. How far are they along the route to creating experiences that can be dropped on one device and picked up on another? And which brands are doing the best job so far?

• UX design has become pivotal to the success of apps. Consumers are increasingly impatient, and will drop an app at the first hint of a glitch. In this track, find out how intelligently mapped out UX design, and iterative testing, is essential for in reducing or eradicating user frustration

Doug Reston, SVP, Design & Mobile, GoDaddy

Monica Farrar Miller, Senior UX Designer, CloudCar

Sarah Kleinman, Senior Director – Strategy, Production and Customer Experience, Gap Inc./ Banana Republic

Kia Behnia, President and CEO, PowWow

Mobile Moderator: Shawn Thomp

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