justDrive receives its first reviews

Nothing could be more rewarding than excellent endorsements from end users. It reinforces our belief in the mission CloudCar has embarked upon. It also provides great feedback on what matters to our end users, so that we can decide which features to improve upon, which new features to include, and which features we could dial down or even retire.

Connected cars is a paradigm shift. We are living in a connected world. At home, we are connected with our work, our social circle, the world… whether it is applications available via laptops, tablets and smartphones, we are endlessly connected.

Screen shot 2015-11-30 at 8.27.09 PMIncidentally, driving is the only time when we are not connected with the world. And, if you are connected, you most likely are doing so in a very dangerous way… risking your own life and lives of others surrounding you. Unfortunately, the recent “infotainment systems” have not addressed the issue of safety. Their attempt to connect you to the world supersedes the risks resulting in distracted driving. Like a smartphone or a laptop, you end up launching several apps to achieve one task. For example, finding a place means using a Search App, or looking at a star rating for a restaurant means finding your Yelp (or similar) App… and often times navigating to it means launching yet another Map App. In a legacy infotainment system, you would end up interacting with 4-7 apps. It begs the questions, why can’t we have a connected car experience inside a car? Why do we need another laptop or smartphone experience in a car?

At CloudCar, we do not want to simply replicate existing technology, but for a car… we want to create a solution to make infotainment driver-centric and bring a car experience inside the car. What this means is to:

  • Provide contextual information with minimum interactions
  • Change the traditional Human Machine Interface to be voice driven – making it a flat interface
  • Provide an integrated experience, rather than fragmented experience with several apps
  • Reduce the risk while connecting to the world

With the launch of justDrive for Jaguar Land Rover, CloudCar has taken the first step. It is exciting and we hope to improve that experience as we continue to bring innovative functionality to connected cars. And as we say, now you can “just Drive”!