New players are launching IoT networks in unlicensed, free spectrum. Can the cellular network operators compete in the M2M/IoT, Smart Car, Smart City environment?

from ConnectedCarMag – Matt Key, Commercial Director for Vodafone M2M told Connected Car magazine that he thinks so:
“I think M2M is going to be a really broad ecosystem of devices, networks and providers. Vodafone is primarily a cellular operator and a satellite comms provider, but we are also a massive fixed line provider, and our fixed line business is equally applicable to the IoT and M2M space. In addition to this you have probably seen from recent announcements that we are developing our own low power cellular network for M2M, which we call Cellular Internet of Things. Ultimately we want to be the gateway for our customers so that they don’t need to worry about what transport layer their data is passing over – they can be connectivity agnostic.”