Human Centric Thinking Sweeps #ConnectedCarCalifornia

Today, CloudCar’s CEO, Philipp Popov was one of the first to give a keynote speech at the #ConnectedCarCalifornia conference put on by Automotive Megatrends Magazine. Popov touched on CloudCar’s core values; the importance of the ability to access everything from one point using voice, accessing content and services without using apps and forgetting the phone altogether, respecting the automotive OEM’s need for maintaining brand integrity and data control including privacy, security, and opportunities to monetize, and largely, the benefits of a machine learning platform to anticipate needs in a driving experience.

The big players came out to Santa Clara to join the conversation and there seemed to be a theme running through several of the keynotes referencing new characters in the world of vehicles… humans and societies. They pointed out a paradigm shift happening and cited a need for a change in focus. Humancentric and Societycentric models were at the forefront of the conference today.

The outstanding panel on autonomous vehicles included Laura Merling from Ford Smart Mobility, Gaurav Bansal from Toyota InfoTechnology Center, Josh Switkes Founder of Peloton, Steve Grobman from FASTR and McAfee, Chris Rockwell of Lextant, and Nimish Radia from Ericsson Research. While many were touting paradigm shifts to humancentric business models this panel engaged in a debate behind what the biggest hurdles were for autonomous cars becoming a reality… and the answer? Humans! While some panelists say humans don’t trust the machine, others claim there is danger in immediate trust. The greatest challenge “is not technological it’s psychological”, says Rockwell, but whether we are shifting our business models to be humancentric, or we’re dealing with human fear or trust, one things for certain, this industry’s eyes are zeroing in on the human need.

It was a successful conference and we thank Automotive Megatrends for inviting CloudCar to be a part of it.

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