Philipp Popov to speak at #AutomotiveMegatrends #ConnectedCarCalifornia

At the end of this month CloudCar will be heading to Connected Car California, Automotive Megatrends conference in Silicon Valley. However, this year is special, our very own Philipp Popov will be a keynote speaker. I sat down with Philipp to learn more:

Tell me about this conference:
Automotive Megatrends is a magazine covering all of the essential insights into technologies and trends that are shaping the future of the automotive industry. It’s an incredible resource and their conferences seem to draw the top players in the space.

Are you excited to be speaking this month?
Ya, very. I was honored to be asked and I’m excited to speak in front of all these experts. And to speak at the occasion of this conference which is touching two major topics, the connected car and autonomous driving. These are the two biggest conversations we are having in the valley today.

Those topics seemed to have the biggest buzz at CES too. Will there be new information at Connected Car California?
Yes indeed. This is very specific to our world. This conference has the top leaders covering topics like navigation, monetization in the car, the internet of moving things, autonomous cars … I’m excited to see the other speakers and learn about their view on what is happening in the space…

This is your world, isn’t it?
Well I’ve been in the car world for almost 30 years and now my career has brought me to CloudCar. It’s incredible leading a company like this where we are using all of these new technologies… the cloud, machine learning, voice…

It must be wild to see the industry change so dramatically over the years.
The car has always had a limited set of information. Before it was static. It was very small. And now it’s huge. The ability to connect to everything available in the cloud, which is a lot, has exploded the access to information. I’m watching everything I have dreamed of become a reality.

That sounds thrilling. It sounds like your talk at the conference will be inspirational. 
Well I am deeply passionate about what we are building at CloudCar, so I hope it will be fun to hear. The future is very exciting right now.

Are there still tickets available? 
Yes, they are still registering people now.


Thank you Philipp. It was a pleasure to speak with you and we look forward to seeing you speak!

Get your tickets here: and be sure to join the LinkedIn Group.

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