“Voice As a Design Element” for in-vehicle connected head units

For the second consecutive year, CloudCar participated at the annual Connect Car California conference, an event hosted by Automotive Megatrends on April 26 in Santa Clara, California. This year, our Director of Product, Ahmer Khan, gave a talk during the afternoon UX session.

“How many of you hop in your car and still use your phone?” asked Ahmer in his opening remarks. “You know, that’s illegal. But we still do it. The question is why?” It’s 2018 and in today’s in-vehicle experience, drivers can’t really do what they want while driving without picking up their phone.  The expectations of a connected head unit does not match the versatility and performance capabilities that we already get from our smartphones.

CloudCar Director of Product Ahmer Khan was among the expert speakers covering connected car technologies and trends at Connected Car California. In the packed one-day conference agenda, Ahmer kicked off the UX session on “Voice as a Design Element.”

During his presentation, Ahmer presented the four elements of CloudCar’s connected in-vehicle experience: simple and distraction free, personalized, automated, and always up-to-date. There are several relevant functions for the in-vehicle experience such as navigation, music, and calendaring. Ahmer walked us through a flow comparing keyboard and voice of a media use case while optimizing the UX design. When comparing the two, the voice flow won out by allowing the user to listen to their music in fewer page flows.

“What I want to emphasize is that adding voice is not just about bringing in an ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) system and an NLU (Natural Language Understanding) engine into your product,” said Ahmer. “Rather, it is about reimagining the overall user experience once the decision to add voice has been determined. I believe at CloudCar, we are moving in the right direction with this approach as we tailor content into the in-vehicle experience.”